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what is polytechnic courses

What is polytechnic courses ? Do you want to do a polytechnic course or want to know about polytechnic ? You are at the right place! In this post we will give you complete information about Polytechnic including what is polytechnic courses , how to do polytechnic course and what to do after polytechnic?

Actually, after passing 10th and 12th, most of the students are very worried about their career. A question came to their mind: what to do after 10th or 12th so that their career will be bright in future ! Worrying about your future is also very important because if you think about your career at this age then your future will definitely be brighter and better !

What is polytechnic course :

Polytechnic is a very popular professional diploma course, which can be done after passing 10th and 12th standard. The duration of this course is 2 to 3 years. This is a course that provides an opportunity to make a bright career in the field of engineering even after 10th standard.

Generally, Polytechnic is prepared by the combination of two words, Poly means institute and Technic means technology means an institute where technology related studies are provided. So it is called polytechnic.

In other words, Polytechnic Diploma program is a complete technical diploma course conducted and approved by All India Council for Technical Education.

But this course is specially designed to help students to learn and understand the practical aspects and basics of the subject concerned.

How to do a polytechnic course:

There are two processes to take admission in polytechnic. You can take admission in polytechnic even after passing 10th or 12th class. You have to give CET (Common Entrance Test) to do a polytechnic course. If you pass with good marks then you can take admission in a government polytechnic institute, else you can take admission in any private institute.

After 10

To take admission in polytechnic after class 10th you have to give an entrance exam. Whose name is DET (Diploma Entrance Test). Students who want to take admission in Polytechnic, they have to clear this entrance exam.

After 12th

If you want to do a polytechnic diploma course after 12th then its biggest advantage is that you have already passed 12th and due to which you can give some other competitive exams also.

If you do a polytechnic diploma course after 12th, then the duration of this course remains 2 years only. And because you have already passed 12th so you can apply for jobs when you are doing a polytechnic course. But to do a polytechnic diploma course after 12th, you have to take Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects in class 12th.

Polytechnic Courses Fees: 

Polytechnic is a very popular course & its popularity is increasing day by day. So keeping in mind its popularity, the fee of this course is determined by the institute.

In private institutes, the minimum fee of polytechnic is 20000 to 50000 per annum while the maximum course fee is between 35000 to 60000.

After passing the polytechnic entrance exam with a good percentage you can take admission in a government institute where the minimum fee of polytechnic is from 6000 to 30000 per year and the maximum fee is 20000 to 70000 per year.

Subjects of polytechnic :

So friends, you just read, how to do polytechnic course, let us now know some of the most popular polytechnic course list in India:

  • Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Mining
  • Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering

  • Diploma in Mechanical (Production) Engineering

  • Diploma in Petroleum Engineering 

  • Diploma in instrumentation & Control Plastics Engineering 

  • Diploma in Biotechnology Engineering 

  • Diploma in Dairy Engineering 

  • Diploma in IT Engineering 

  • Diploma in Fashion Design 

  • Diploma in Textile Engineering

  • Diploma in Commercial Practice

  • Diploma in Pharmacy Interior 

  • Diploma in Decoration & Design 

  • Diploma in Business Managements

  • Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering

  • Diploma in Agricultural Engineering 

  • Diploma in Media & Communication 
  • Diploma in Air Craft Maintenance

  • Diploma in Letter technology

  • Diploma in Printing technology

  • Diploma in Footwear technology

Benefits of doing polytechnic course:

1.The biggest advantage of doing this course is that it takes less time. Polytechnic is a good option for those who want to get a job quickly. If you also want to do a degree course then you can do it , while doing a job after polytechnic. Or you can complete it by taking admission in a direct degree course after polytechnic.

2. As you have read above, more emphasis is laid on practical studies than theory in polytechnics. Because of which the technical knowledge of polytechnic students is better than the students who have passed 12th.

3. Another advantage of doing a polytechnic diploma is that later, if you want to do a degree course, you can change the subject at the time of admission.

4. After 12th, it takes a lot of money to do other degree courses like B.Tech and BE but it is not so in polytechnic courses. Polytechnic fees are less as compared to degree courses.

What to do after polytechnic ?

The candidate should decide his goal while pursuing a polytechnic course. So that later you do not have to face any kind of problem. After completing the polytechnic course, the candidate has two options-

1.Job Searching – There are many job options. It completely depends on the candidate, whether he wants to go into the government sector or make his career in the private sector.

2.Completion of degree course in Engineering.

Job after polytechnic:

After doing a polytechnic course, if you want to get a job then the candidate should get maximum practical knowledge by passing a diploma with a good percentage.

Apart from this, the candidate should prepare for campus selection in the college for the private sector only during the course completion. The main basis of this preparation should be to clear all rounds of the interview easily, so that you can be selected in good company with the maximum package. 

Also after doing a polytechnic course, students are eligible to start their own business like, students having a diploma in computer engineering can easily start a business for repairing computers, or any student having a diploma in automobile engineering can start an automobile repair store etc.

Completion of degree course in Engineering :

If the second option is chosen by the candidate, then he/she should apply for admission in the engineering college after completing the polytechnic diploma course.

For this, the candidate has to attempt the Lateral Entry Exam after completing the polytechnic course. On the basis of the rank obtained in this exam, the candidate gets admission in the engineering college through counseling.

Candidates applying for admission in engineering college after polytechnic course get direct admission in second year in BE or B.Tech course.

Admission in IT after polytechnic:

If the candidate does not want admission in Engineering College through Lateral Entry Exam, then he can get admission in IIT Engineering College through direct JEE Mains and JEE Advance examination as another option.

For this, the candidate has to clear the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exam. Till now no provision has been made by the Central or State Governments for admission to IIT engineering colleges by direct lateral entry after pursuing polytechnic diploma course.

Final words:

I hope now you know what is polytechnic & how to do a course in polytechnic. If you have liked the information provided by us. You can share it on your social media, it will help those students who want to do a diploma course after 10th or 12th. If you have any opinions and suggestions regarding this post, you can feel free to share with us in the comment box below.