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Hello guys, Today in this blog we will get complete information about what is BSc Nursing and how to do BSc Nursing course. You can make your bright career in the medical field by doing a BSc Nursing course. Actually, now everyone knows that education is the most important thing in our life and often students after completing their 12th studies find a good career option for themselves. If a student is interested in the field of medical science, then B.Sc Nursing course is a great career option for them. So through this post, we are going to clear all your doubts related to your B.Sc Nursing course.

What is BSc Nursing :

B.Sc Nursing refers to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which is an undergraduate level academic degree in the field of Nursing. Nurse education in India is regulated by the INC (Indian Nursing Council). INC is a part of the Government of India. The headquarter of INC is located in New Delhi.  

The duration of the BSc Nursing course is 4 years. You can do this course from both government and private institutions of the country. After doing BSc Nursing, you become a qualified health worker and you can give your services in any health sector.  

This course is considered to be a popular course for girls but both boys and girls can do this course and make their career in this field. Social, physical, general science and health related courses are studied in BSc Nursing. By doing this course, you can get a job in the government or any private medical department on the posts of nurse, senior nurse and staff nurse etc. Apart from this, you can start your career as a teacher in any institute or nursing school. The best part of this course is that you wil get a respectable position and contribute to the human interest!

Eligibility For BSc Nursing :

Friends, as we have read earlier that B.Sc Nursing is an undergraduate course. So you can do this course after 12th. But only students having Science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th can do this course. Merely this subject is not enough to take admission in B.Sc Nursing course as you have to pass with at least 50% marks in these subjects. Apart from this age of the candidate should also be 17 to 35 years.

How to do Bsc nursing course :

Friends, B.Sc Nursing is a very popular course & many girls and boys are doing these days. Before making a career in this field, there is a question in the mind of every student: how to do B.Sc Nursing course?

So to do this course you have to pass 12th with a good percentage. You can complete this course in both private and government colleges.  

If you want to do BSc Nursing course from a recognized Government College then you have to give Entrance Exam. These entrance exams are conducted by the state and university. You can fill the entrance exam form both online and offline. You will get to know your rank after passing the entrance exam. Now you have to apply for counseling within the time prescribed by the Nursing College and University. And you are provided 2 -4 colleges by the government on the basis of your rank. So you have to choose any one college for Nursing course. In some colleges your admission is based on your 12th marks, so you have to get good marks in 12th so that you can take admission in a good college.

But, if you want to do BSc Nursing course from a private college or university, you can take direct admission in these colleges on the basis of your merit or by depositing more fees.

Bsc Nursing Entrance Exam:

Following are the some name of the entrance examination for BSc nursing-

  • NEET
  • SAAT

BSc Nursing Benefits :

This is a course gives the direction to more than one type of employment. After doing this, you can take your career on a great path. And it is very helpful in reducing the unemployment. Let us know what are the benefits of BSC nursing.

  • After completing this four-year degree course, you can fully understand the responsibilities that come under health. Under which you can study health education.
  • As you know that in today's time the demand for jobs in the medical field is increasing day by day. Hence the Nursing course has become a more popular course related to the field of medicine.
  • After doing this course, girls can easily serve in the health sector as a nurse, apart from contributing to community service.
  • You can apply for ambulance services and get more than one job opportunity in government and private hospitals.
  • B.Sc Nursing can easily do the job of providing home health services. With this, you can do the work related to child health care.

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Bsc Nursing Fees :

As we know, it is done in both private and government institutions in our country. That's why the fees for this course are different for different colleges.

Friends, if you do this course from a government college, then you have to pay fees ranging from 20000 to ₹ 50000 annually. If you do this from a private college, then you have to pay upto ₹ 200000 annually.

Fees in private colleges are a bit expensive from the fees of government colleges. So you should give your best in the entrance exam to get admission in a government college.

Job Profile After BSc Nursing :

After doing this course, you can get a job in a great position in both government and private medical field. After getting a degree in BSc Nursing, you can create your own professional job profile. You can get a job in any hospital or any health care center. Also you can earn a decent amount. Let us know some famous job post which you can do after B.Sc nursing-

  1. Nursing Supervisor
  2. Staff Nurse
  3. Mental Health Nurse
  4. Practitioner in Midwifery
  5. Mental Health Nurse
  6. Child Health Nurse
  7. Health Manager
  8. Community Health Nurse
  9. Nurse Supervisor
  10. School Nurse
  11. Nursing Educator

Job Places after BSc Nursing :

After doing a BSc Nursing Course, there is a very large possibility to make a career in more than one employment field and earn a good income. You can do both government and private jobs. The employment sector is as follows:

  • Government hospital
  • Private Hospital
  • Health center
  • Nursing home Clinics 
  • Medical colleges
  • Health education department 
  • Ambulance
  • Child health center
  • Military Research Institute 

BSc Nursing salary :

Although nurses get different salaries in different hospitals, nursing homes, research, institute clinics, colleges. But on an average, a nurse gets a salary of 25000 to 40000 rupees per month.

If you work in a government hospital then you will be given accommodation in addition to salary and other facilities are also available. If you work in a big private hospital then you will also get all these facilities.

Final words :

Friends, in this article, we have known the information related to B.Sc Nursing. We have covered here what is Bsc Nursing, Bsc nursing eligibility, how tp do Bsc nursing, job profile of nurses, all these informations are explained in simple words.

I hope you have got all the information related to B.Sc Nursing after reading this post. If you still have any question in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting on the box given below.