How to do a BCA course? Required qualifications & it's benefits !

What is bca course

Hello dear readers, How are you? Do you want to know about what is BCA course and how to do BCA ? Well friends, there are many things in life which are very important for our career. But if we talk about no. 1 in this list, then it will be learning/studies, yes learning is very important in life.

By the way, every student learns same things till 10th standard. But after coming in 11th, you have to choose the subject and study further accordingly. And after passing 12th again you have to choose something and do further studies.The question must have arisen in the minds of many people that what to do after 12th ? So if you are interested in computer science, then you must do BCA course in which many career options are available.

If you do not know what is BCA course, there is nothing to worry cause in this post we will give you complete information about BCA. After reading this you will know whether you have to do BCA or not & how to do BCA course.

What is BCA :

BCA is a type of professional degree course. The full form of BCA is Bachelor of Computer Application. Which is an undergraduate degree course of 6 semesters & it's duration is 3 years. You can do BCA course after 12th, in BCA you are given information about computer application and computer science. It is a type of technical degree course in which the student is prepared for the computer related field. In which you can go ahead and work easily in the IT field or computer field. After doing the BCA course, you will get a lot of information about computers, like how a software is designed. With this, you can get a software engineer job in any company after completing BCA and you can do MCA ( Master of computer application course ). So guys, let's know what is taught in the BCA course.

What is taught in the BCA course :

Hope you have understood what BCA is. So let us know what is taught in the BCA course. In the BCA course, you are taught to make software, design a website, about computer networks, about the basics of computers, computer programming languages. Now let's talk about how to take admission in BCA & what should be the educational qualification for this.

Educational Qualification for BCA :

Friends, if you are thinking of doing BCA and want to know how much education is necessary to do BCA. So let us know the qualifications to take admission in BCA - well, if you are 12th passed from any subject with 50% + marks but many colleges demand science stream with maths or computer science subject.

Friends, if you are a student of science, especially mathematics, then this course can prove to be good for you. Because mathematics is definitely used in the designing of any software.

How to do a BCA course :

Guys, to do a BCA course, you have to pass with good marks in 12th. Although many colleges demand science stream along with mathematics or computer science subject. But there are many colleges which are capable of providing BCA to Arts students. If you are a student of Arts, then you need to have some knowledge of Mathematics, only then BCA can prove useful for you. If you want to study BCA from a good and reputed college, then you can fill the Entrance Exams and after passing it you can take admission in BCA.

Some colleges also provide admission in BCA without any entrance exam. You can choose the right college according to you and then you can study BCA, in which you are taught to do web designing, app development or networking. Again in the last semester you have to submit a project and only after completing the project your BCA course will be completed. After that you can apply for an internship.

Benefits of BCA course :

After doing BCA course, you learn more about computer and at the same time you can also get information about many other things, in this video you will know some benefits of BCA –

What to do after BCA course:

After completing the BCA course, A big question arises in everyone's mind that what to do after BCA. Well you can do a job after BCA. But as per my opinion it is better to do an MCA so that you can get a master 's degree in that field. Still after doing BCA you can apply for any internship exam and can do a job. Because after clearing the internship exam, if you work in any company or industry then that will help you to get a lot of programming knowledge and experience in this field.

Salary after BCA :

Friends, if you do not want to do MCA after BCA, you can do a job directly. If you work as software developer in a company, then initially you can be given a salary between 25 to 45 thousand and if your work experience is good, your salary can be above 2 lakhs per month.

Conclusion :

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