Essay on Air Pollution Cause, Effect and Remedy!

Write an essay on air pollution

Essay on Air Pollution Cause, Effect and Remedy!

Friends are you searching for "write an essay on air pollution". Then this post is perfect for you. In this post , I will give you information about how to write an essay on air pollution, as well as tell what are the causes of air pollution, the effects of air pollution and the measures to prevent air pollution. 


To survive on earth, every living being needs a good environment and its development is possible only with a clean environment. Air is an essential element for survival. But human civilization is at the top number in spreading air pollution. Due to air pollution, not only humans but all living beings are also facing different types of challenges.

When there is an undesirable change in the amount and proportion of gases of the atmosphere due to human or natural causes or the addition of some other toxic gases or substances in the air is called air pollution.

Reasons of air pollution:

Air pollution is caused by natural and human causes. Natural causes include volcanic eruptions, forest fires, ruminants by animals, fog, meteor showers, etc. But air pollution arising from natural sources is less dangerous because nature has the ability to self-control.    
  • Again human causes includes Indiscriminate use of motor vehicles , deforestation, smoke generated by burning of materials like wood, coal, and cow dung, smoke from factories, thermal power plants, agricultural work, mining, use of chemical substances etc. Increases in air pollution.   
  • The third root cause is that the competition in development and other parameters in developed and developing countries has polluted the environment so much that in today's global scenario, the problem of climate change, global warming and ozone depletion has put human existence in danger.

Effects of air pollution:

Due to the presence of unwanted gases in the atmosphere humans, animals and birds have to face serious health problems . This causes diseases like asthma, blindness, loss of hearing, skin diseases etc. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the main cause of death of 4 to 6 lakh people every year.

According to the Global Burden of Disease, an organization that monitors diseases around the world, air-related diseases in India are rapidly turning into such a dangerous epidemic. If this is not taken care of immediately, it will have dire consequences.

Air pollution has increased the risk of acid rain. Because the possibility of dissolving toxic gases like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide etc. has increased in rain water. Due to which trees and historic buildings have been damaged.

Measures to prevent air pollution:

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) should be used in place of petrol as far as possible in automatic vehicles.     
  • Extensive surveys and studies should be conducted to check the current air pollution levels and regular monitoring of pollution should be done.
  • Use of alternative sources of energy should be increased. Such as – wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy etc.
  • Vehicles should have scrubbers etc. to reduce the pollution emanating from automatic vehicles.
  • It is necessary to have bag filters in factory chimneys to separate particulate matter less than 50 micrometers in diameter.
  • Diesel vehicles containing very small amounts of sulfur (ULSD) or green diesel should be used in diesel vehicles.
  • Other alternative fuels of vehicles like biodiesel, coal band methane etc. can also be used.
  • There should be a drastic reduction in the production and industry of polluting materials and elements such as ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons.

Government of India's efforts in the face of air pollution:

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) conducts the ambient air quality monitoring program in India. Which is known as the National Air Quality Monitoring Program. Its main objective is to ensure compliance with ambient air quality norms and to take steps to control and prevent air pollution.

It was implemented in the year 1982. The Air Act 1981 was introduced by the Government of India in the year 1981. According to this act, both the central and state government have been given the following powers to counter the effects of air pollution:

  • Declaring any area of ​​the state as an air polluted area and stopping industrial activities in the pollution controlled area.     
  • Taking permission certificate from the board before setting up an industrial unit.
  • Right to close polluted units etc.
  • The Air Quality Index was released by the Ministry of Meteorology in October 2014 with the aim of monitoring the air quality in major cities of the country.
  • Developed a mobile app service Safar, which checks air quality in India.
  • The Green Good Deeds program was launched by the Government of India in 2018. Its aim was to bring awareness about the environment among the common people and to protect it.


We all know that air is very essential to keep us alive. That is why we have to pay special attention to air pollution and we can start it from our home.

We have to plant more and more plants in the empty space and try to eliminate the factors that pollute the environment. Only then one can get rid of air pollution and a happy life can be imagined.

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