What is solar cell and solar panel and its uses!

What is solar cell

What is solar cell and solar panel and its uses!

Do you want to know what is  solar cell and what is  solar panel?  If yes, you have chosen the right post.  In this post, we will give you the definition of solar cell and information about solar panels.

This post is specially prepared for class 10 students, which is a very useful question for board exams.  So let's know what is solar cell and what are its uses?

What is solar cell?

A solar cell is a device that can directly convert the energy that reaches the Earth from the Sun into electrical energy.  Friends, about 100 years ago it was discovered that by placing a thin layer of selenium in the light, electricity can be generated. And it was known that only 0.6% of the solar energy incident on a piece of selenium can be converted into electrical energy.  Thus the efficiency of the solar cell was very low.  Hence no special effort was made into this phenomenon for power generation.

The first solar cell was made in 1954.  This solar cell could convert about 1% of solar energy into electrical energy.  The efficiency of this solar cell was also very low.  The growing demand generated by space programs has led to a rapid increase in the rate of development of solar cells with greater efficiency.


The use of semiconductors to make solar cells has greatly increased the efficiency of solar cells.  The efficiency of solar cells made from semiconductors like silicon, gallium, germanium ranges from 10% to 18% i.e. they can convert 10% to 18% of solar energy into electrical energy.  Hence the efficiency of modern solar cells made of selenium is up to about 26%.

What is Solar Panel ?

A lot of electrical energy is required to run various types of devices like artificial satellites, water pumps, radio and television etc. because no single solar cell can provide so much electrical energy. So connecting many solar cells together in a fixed sequence will be useful and this group of solar cells is called a solar panel.

Advantages or uses of solar cells:

The use of solar cells has proved to be very effective in providing electrical energy in remote areas.  It is used in the following places-

  • Solar cells are used to generate electricity in artificial satellites and spacecraft.  In fact, all artificial satellites and spacecraft depend on the electrical energy generated by free solar panels.

  • In India, solar cells are used for street lighting, for irrigation, for running water pumps and for running video and television sets.

  • Solar cells are used in island pillars located in the ocean and to provide electrical power to mineral oil wells located off the coast.

  • Nowadays solar cells are also used to run electronic clocks and calculators.

  • Solar cells are also used to control traffic lights and in various types of toys.

  • Solar cells are also used in lanterns to convert the energy received from the sun into electrical energy.

  • Overall, solar cells are used to generate electrical energy.  In the modern era, it is being used the most in electricity, various types of electrical cars and space modification and it is going to prove to be very useful in the coming times.

Disadvantages of solar cells:

  •  Solar cells cost a lot to produce.

  • Solar cells can be charged by sunlight only. if there is rain and cloud then it will not charge.

  • An accumulator battery is required to store energy in a solar cell.

Final words:-

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