Essay On Noise Pollution

Essay on noise pollution

Essay On Noise Pollution

Hello friends are you looking for Essay on noise pollution.  So in this post today I will give you information about how to write an essay on Sound Pollution i.e Noise Pollution with headings.  So let's know the essay on noise pollution without any delay -


The normal sound produced by any object is not harmful for our world but Noise pollution occurs when the intensity of sound reaches a certain threshold and proves fatal to humans and other creatures.

The decibel scale is used to measure sound intensity (db).  It is appropriate and good for a normal person to hear sound of 50 decibel intensity.  But the sound of intensity more than 80 decibels is considered under noise.

Reasons of noise pollution:

The following are the cause for the steady rise in noise pollution throughout time:

  • The noise generated by the machines of factories is an important cause of noise pollution.
  • Resources of transport are also major sources of noise pollution. Rail, air, and automobile noise are examples of these sources of pollution.
  • The noise emanating from other resources of entertainment such as television, loudspeaker is also a major cause of noise pollution. Aside from that, the DJ's music, the cracker sounds, and so on.
  • Apart from this, roaring of clouds, thunder of lightning, sound of earthquake, sound of fast falling water, stormy winds etc. also contribute to noise pollution, but their impact is limited and ephemeral if the causes are regional.

ill effects of noise pollution:

Noise pollution has the greatest impact on the ears, affecting hearing power both permanently and temporarily.

  • In humans, excessive noise causes stomach ulcers, irritability, insomnia, increased aggression, and other psychological problems.
  • Irritation, worry, and stress are some of the emotional or psychological repercussions of noise. Noise has a number of negative health effects, including the inability to concentrate and mental tiredness.
  • A person can also become deaf due to continuous work in very loud sound.
  • Extremely loud sound can tear the eardrum.
  • Microorganisms are also killed by excessive loud sound, which hinders the decomposition of dead remains.

Control on noise pollution:

The following noise-reduction strategies should be given special consideration.

  • The impact of noise pollution can be reduced by using noise mitigation devices in noise sources such as use of silencers in vehicles, planting a large number of trees near the roads.
  • Planting green belts, such as trees, can help to reduce noise pollution in high noise areas.
  • The individual who is receiving the sound may install protective equipment.
  • Using Green Muffler Technique. Under this, noise pollution can be reduced by planting trees in 4-6 rows in high population or noise pollution areas and residential areas along the roads, industrial areas and highways.  Because the sound is filtered by the trees and does not reach the citizens.
  • Controlling the transmission path of sound waves by planting trees in high noise locations can also help to minimise noise pollution.
  • The crackling noises produced by loudspeakers and DJs can be reduced by persuading the concerned people and by effective prohibitive laws.

Government efforts to control noise pollution:

There is no provision of a separate Act in India with respect to the control of noise pollution.  Noise pollution has been included under the amendment of the Air Act, 1981.

The Environment Protection Act, 1986 empowers the government to make laws to prevent and control noise pollution.

Under the Indian Penal Code Section 268, Section 290 and Section 291, a provision of punishment has been made keeping the noise polluters in the category of obstruction.

The government has enacted the Noise Pollution Rules, 2000 to control the rising level of noise pollution.  It prohibits the use of five loudspeakers/public address systems. In the context of noise pollution, the Supreme Court's decision came in 2005 in which it was told that the use of loudspeakers in public places between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am has been banned.


Like other pollution, noise pollution can also become a serious problem for the future.  That is why it is very important for us to get rid of noise pollution for the future generations.
The use of appropriate measures can significantly reduce noise pollution.  We can reduce noise pollution by making efforts ourselves, we should be aware that  any pollution can prove to be fatal for us.  Let's take an oath with this that the environment and nature are all ours, its cleanliness  is our utmost duty.

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