Essay on importance of reading books

Essay on importance of reading books 150 words

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Importance or Benefit of Books – The importance of books in human life is more than any valuable thing. Precious gems etc. adorn our body from above, but books make our mind-brain, personality and character shine. Enlightening books lead us to moral instincts and destroy our animalistic tendencies

Books lead us on the right path and save us from being misguided. Best books build best people, best society and best nation, guide us.

Lokmanya Tilak has the idea - "I will welcome books even in hell because they have the power that where they are, heaven will be created".

The scholarly poet and thinker Carlyle has said - "Whatever mankind has done, thought and found is preserved in the magic pages of books" The idea of ​​an English scholar is - "First and foremost after the selection of true friends, the necessity is the choice of excellent books".

Books are immortal treasure:

Books are the immortal treasure of any nation and caste. Excellent literature makes them immortal. The literature of a country or caste reveals its rise, fall, moral ideals, philosophy of life, etc. The excellent literature that was created during the Gupta period is called the Golden Age.

The epic 'Ramcharitmanas'( रामचरितमानस) is the spokesperson book of Indian life-values, which has given India prestige throughout the world. Books of Kalidas – Abhijnanashakuntalam (अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तलम्), Ritusamhara(ऋतुसंहारः), Meghdootam (मेघदूतम्) .Rabindranath Tagore'sGitanjali (गीतांजलि), Gandhiji's – satya ka prayog (सत्य के प्रयोग ) etc. are the heritage of India.

'Bhagavad Gita' (भगवद गीता) is attracting, influencing the whole world today. Through all this, the civilization-culture and life-style of India can be well understood.

Books are best friends:

Pt. Nehru's statement regarding books is – Books are our best friends. Books give us inspiration to think and ponder. They also guides us. They remove our sadness, make our mind healthy, teach us good things and enhance our personality.

Books are weapons:

The thoughts of the author of the books are expressed in them. Those ideas are capable of bringing change in both the individual and the society. The convenience of means of communication has brought the whole world on the path of ideological revolution.

The ideologies of books are important at the root of this ideological revolution. Similarly, the destruction of communalism, jealousy, malice and the disturbance of the society is also done by the thoughts expressed in them. Thus the nature of books is like a weapon

Influence of books:

Happiness-peace and revolutionary books in which the voice of the establishment of human-values ​​is there. Those who oppose every injustice and those who bring change, make their effect clear. The effect of books is permanent. They have a profound effect on the soft mind, especially in childhood.

If books of high moral ideals are read from childhood itself, then in future with their influence, a person with strong high ideals can be formed. In moments of stress, books provide joy and enthusiasm to the mind and guide in moments of uncertainty and indecision. Religious books give peace to the mind and thought-provoking books bring social change and revolution.

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In short, books are the true companions of man. Someone entertains the mind in solitude, gives spiritual peace, their importance in life is undeniable. By making good use of the time, we should study new books, due to which our mental development takes place. By the way, books have special importance in our life.

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