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Essay on importance of education in 500 words
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Education has an important part in the life of any person. Education is the thing that makes us a decent human being and contributes significantly to the progress of the society.

We can not only learn something new through education but the knowledge of previous generations can also be transferred to the new generation through education.

What is Education?

Education changes the thinking of people by bringing in positive thoughts and eliminates negative thoughts. That's why, in our childhood our parents try to guide our brain towards education.

They make every effort to provide a good education by enrolling us in a good school. Education helps us to be a more civilized and better human beings. Also It helps us to get a better position and job in the society.

Importance of education:

In today's time the importance of education has increased a lot, so it needs to be given a new direction. Education should be such that one can get acquainted with his surroundings i.e. make every effort to become a true human being.

Education is very important for the bright future of all of us. It helps in the overall development of a person and we can acquire knowledge, skills and many other things through education.

Therefore, in this modern era, many schemes are being run by the government to promote education in rural areas. So that the people from villages can also understand the importance of education.

Many advertisements are shown on TV and in newspapers to show the importance of education to the people in rural areas. Many rules and regulations have been made by the Government of India to make the education system easier and less expensive for all.

Education is important for the bright future of any person. Being an educated person, the chances of getting a job are high. Education also improves the way people speak and communicate. Educated people know the importance of discipline and time management and thus have more chances to become successful person in life.

Education provides the ability to solve any major family, social and even national and international problems. No one can ignore the importance of education in every aspect of our life.


Education has been considered as the fundamental right of every person, so everyone should get education from every aspect in life. The government is making every effort to promote education among all sections of the people. Many government schools are established in different cities so that everyone can gain knowledge and become a successful person in life.

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