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One of the most dangerous natural calamities is flood. It occurs when excessive water accumulates in an area. It is usually caused by heavy rainfall. India is highly prone to floods. There are many areas in the country which face this natural disaster due to the overflow of rivers.

Apart from this, it is also caused due to the melting of ice. Another reason for the flood is the broken dam. If we look at the coastal areas, storms and tsunamis are considered responsible for floods.

Flood damages the living conditions and recovery from this disaster takes a lot of time. Therefore, the consequences of floods should be known and steps should be taken to prevent it.

Effects of flood:

  • Flood disrupts the day-to-day functioning of the affected area. Severe floods sometimes cause mass destruction. Floods take the lives of many people and animals. Floods also give rise to diseases. The stagnant water attracts mosquitoes which cause malaria, dengue and other diseases.
  • People also have to face power cuts due to the danger of electrocution. They also have to face the costly expenses of daily use items.. As the supply of food and commodities becomes limited, prices naturally rise. This causes a lot of trouble to the common man.
  • Most importantly, the entire country may face economic losses. A huge amount of necessary resources are needed to save the people and deal with this disaster. In addition, citizens lose their homes and cars for which they worked all their lives.
  • Floods also affect the environment. This leads to soil erosion and also leads to poor soil quality. we lose fertile soil.
  • Floods also damage flora and fauna. They damage crops and displace trees. So, measures should be taken to avoid these dire consequences.

Flood protection measures:

Government and citizens should work together to find ways to prevent floods. Appropriate awareness should be spread about the steps to be taken in case of floods. An alert system should be set up so that people get enough time to protect themselves. Also in high flood prone areas, there should be tall buildings above the flood level

In addition, there should be an efficient system for storing excessive water due to rain. This will prevent water overflow. One of the foremost important steps is to strengthen the drainage system. This will avoid water logging, thereby preventing flood.

Also, the dams should be constructed firmly. The use of cheap material breaks dams. The government should ensure that the construction of dams is of quality to prevent flood.

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We cannot stop natural causes like rain and melting of glaciers. However, we can prevent man-made causes like rupture of dams, poor drainage systems, installing warning systems and many more.

We should take inspiration from countries like Singapore, America. Where floods are never experienced despite heavy rainfall for most of the year.

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