What is robotics? Its types and how does a robot works?

What is robotics? Its types and how does a robot works?

After all, what is a robot? If you also want to know, then in this post you have been given complete information about the type of robot and how does the robot works.

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Today we have brought for you a very unique invention or miracle of science, which is becoming more and more popular every day. Friends, today we will talk about such an exciting and funny thing or machine which we know by the name of Robot.

In this post, we will know what is a robot, how does it work? What are the different kinds of robots? So let's start guys -

what is robotics

What is Robot?

Friends, Robot is actually a machine that is capable of doing more than one task, at the same speed and with accuracy. The science and technology of the design, manufacture, and application of robots is called robotics. That is, Robots are machines that work on the basis of instructions or programs specially put by Computers. The type of instructions that will be given to these machines, they will continue to work accordingly.

Robots have such an ability that they can easily do the work that humans have to put in a lot of time and effort to do. At the same time, they are able to do any work with greater accuracy and with greater speed which makes them so popular.

The present era is the era of technology. Robots have taken the role of humans in many places. At present, they are being used in different types of industries all over the world and their use is increasing day by day.

You must have seen robots in movies or TVs and you must have seen their amazing powers too. In movies, robots are shown like humans but in reality it is not necessary that robots are of the same size as humans.

They are made in different sizes according to the need so that they can be used easily. Robots can be very heavy or very light with very large sizes and very small sizes. They are manufactured according to their work and needs.

How does a Robot Work:

Friends, we have learned that what is a robot and now we will know what is the working of robots i.e. how does a Robot work?

Different types of machines are installed in a robot to do different types of work. There are 5 main parts in a robot whose names are as follows –

•Structure Body.

•Sensor System.

•Muscle System.

•Power Source.

•Brain System.

Every robot has a physical structure and with the help of this structure, any robot moves. A type of motor is installed in this physical structure as well as sensor systems and power, sources are installed.

Any robot gets the ability to sense with the help of a sensor system. Power source provides power to a robot to work.

To control all the processes of robots, they have a brain system. This is the brain of robots

Robots operate according to written programs and instructions. Programs or instructions are put in it according to the type of work to be done by robots. They are given different types of instructions to do different types of work.

External Control Device or Internal Control Device is used to control robots. Robots are controlled from outside with the help of an External Control Device. Sometimes internal control devices are used to control many robots, which are installed inside the robots.

Types of robots:

Dear readers, now let's talk about the types of robots. Different types of robots are made on the basis of work and technology. Let's see some types of robots –

  •Types of Robots Based on Mechanism.
  •Types of Robots Based on the work.

•Types of Robots Based on Mechanism:

Following are some types of robots on the basis of mechanism-

1.Stationary Robots.

2.Wheeled Robots.

3.Legged Robots.

4.Swimming Robots.

5.Flying Robots.

6.Swarm Robots.

6.Mobile spherical Robots.

1.Stationary Robots – These types of Robots are fixed in one place and they do all their work there. These types of Robots are used for Drilling, Gripping, Welding, etc.

2.Wheeled Robots –  These types of robots have wheels i.e. tires to move from one place to another. They are capable of moving from one place to another and are also capable of doing work.

3.Legged Robots – These types of robots have legs to move from one place to another. With the help of these legs, they are able to work easily even in rough places.

4.Swimming Robots – Such robots are capable of swimming. A robot named Fish, which was built by MIT University in 1989, was shaped like a fish and also swam like a fish.

5.Flying Robots – Flying Robots are robots that are capable of flying. These types of robots are used in search and rescue operations. Drones are the best example of this.

6.Swarm Robots – When different small robots work together to form a system, they are called Swarm Robots.

7.Mobile Spherical Robots – Spherical or mobile robots move by rolling from one place to another on the surface.

•Types of Robots Based on the work:

Following are some types of robots on the basis of works-

1.Domestic Robots.

2.Medical Robots.

3.Space Robots.

4.Military Robots.

5.Industrial Robots.

1.Domestic Robots –  Robots used in domestic work are called Domestic Robots.

2.Medical Robots – Robots used in medical work in hospitals etc. are called Medical Robots.

3.Space Robots – The robots used in space-related tasks are called space robots.

4.Industrial Robots – Robots used in different types of industries like - Food, Automobile,s, etc. are called industrial robots.

5.Military Robots – The robots used in the military are called Military Robots. These are used for security.

For a better understanding, you can view the following video.


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