What is automobile engineering? How to become an automobile engineer & its salary!

Do you want to know what is Automobile Engineering and How to become an Automobile Engineer?

Friends, today's post has been specially prepared for those people who are interested in the design of new vehicles.

Competition in the field of automobiles has increased a lot now. So designing a car is like a dream flight for Engineers. It has a lot of features and has to take care of the preferences of the customers.

Auto designers are usually associated with the engineering field. Auto-design engineers work to develop a new design for a car or any other vehicle.

what is automobile engineering

What is Automobile engineering:

Friends, if car designing is your dream then you can take admission in automobile engineering.

Automobile engineering may be a branch of auto engineering, under which all vehicles like motorcycles, buses, trucks, tractors, etc. are designed.

Mechanical electric software and safety engineering are also required for engineering because all these work also goes under automobile engineering.

Automobile engineers manufacture all parts of vehicles. Also, the study of making a vehicle and making changes ( i.e modification of vehicle) has to be done in automobile engineering. Let me now tell you how to become an automobile engineer.

How to become an Automobile Engineer:

Friends, to become an automobile engineer and to make a career in this field, one has to do a diploma of automobile engineering first. After that you have to complete graduation degree. After completing graduation degree (B.E. / B.Tech) you can work anywhere as an automobile engineer.

Automobile Engineering course:

•BE Automobile Engineering.

•PG Diploma in Automobile Engineering.

•Certificate Program in Automobile Engineering.

•B.Tech Automobile Engineering.

Types of Automobile engineers:

•Development engineer.

•Manufacturing engineer.

•Product and Design Engineer.

•Development Engineer – All the parts of the vehicle are made only after the design is ready.

•Manufacturing Engineer – To make a complete vehicle by joining the parts of the vehicle made by Development Engineers

•Product and Design Engineer – The job of Product and Design Engineer is to design the vehicle and on the basis of that design make parts for the vehicle.

Career and Prospects in Automobile Engineering:

Friends, you have unlimited career possibilities in automobile engineering because this field is huge. After becoming an automobile engineering, there are many job options in front of you because many vehicles have to be manufactured under automobile engineering.

That is why the need of Automobile Engineer is very high in all the companies you see in this era. There is no dearth of jobs for Automobile Engineer, it is very important for you to have a good working skill.

What is the Salary of  Automobile engineer:

Friends, if we talk about the salary of an automobile engineer, then the salary of a diploma holder in an automobile engineer is approximately between ₹ 15000 to ₹ 20000.

If you become an Automobile Engineer after the degree, then your salary will be between ₹ 31000 to ₹ 55000, as well as your salary will keep increasing as you get experience in the work. The salary of an honest Automobile Engineer are often around ₹ 45000 to ₹ 75000 month.

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