What is photoelectric effect? & its 5 important laws!

What is photoelectric effect? & its 5 important laws!

Do you want to know what is the photoelectric effect and what are the rules of photoelectric effect, then this post will be useful for you guys.

If you are studying light chapter in 12th physics then definitely you have heard the heard photo electric effect. What is it? Through this post, you will know about photoelectric effect which is very important for 12th Physics students.

What is Photoelectric effect ?

What is photoelectric effect & laws of photoelectric effect

Photoelectric effect which is related to light is the action of emission of electrons from metal with the effect of light rays is called photoelectric effect.

If I explain it in other words - When a light beam like ultraviolet rays collides with a metal surface then the surface of the metal starts emitting electrons. This phenomenon is called photoelectric effect and the emitted electrons are called photo electrons . 

 Laws of Photoelectric effect :-

Normally we get to know the study of 5 laws of photo-electric effect, so now let us know the rules of photo-electric effect. –

1.The rate of emission of photo electrons from the surface of a metal is directly proportional to the intensity of the photon falling on the surface of the metal.

2.The maximum kinetic energy of emitted photo electrons does not depend on the intensity of incident light.

3.The maximum kinetic energy of photo electrons increases with the frequency of incident light

4. The emission of photoelectron is instantaneous, no matter how feeble the incident light may be

5. If the frequency of incident light is less than certain minimum frequency, no electrons will be emitted from the surface of the metal. This frequency is called the threshold frequency.


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