What is IT & how to make career in IT?


What is It & how to make career in IT

Hello friends and welcome to STUDY_IS_LOVE BLOG. Do you want to know what is IT and how to make career in IT & its role in our life?

You must have heard the name IT i.e Information Technology many times but can you really tell that you have full information about "what is Information Technology? ". So, if you're new to information technology, don't worry; this article will teach you everything you need to know.

What is IT?

The full form of IT is Information Technology . The name itself suggests, it is a vast field of technology under which every device from the electrical device to a another device which is helpful in the exchange of information is used. That is in simple words, IT is a technology under which information is exchanged from one place to another using any electrical device such as mobile, computer etc.

Today, the 21st century is known as the era of information technology, it is not only a nation, but a major driver of the economic development of the whole world. In every region of the country, growth and progress is dependent on information technology levels. Furthermore, technology is vital outside of the job. But in our everyday lives, it is also important. Microwave which is a cooking device or supercomputer which is important for this era i.e. information technology is connected to our life in some way.

The development of information technology is our development, this sentence is not wrong, because technology has made us capable that we can know more than half of the things properly and can think about them in a few seconds.

For example India's space agency ISRO has made many discoveries on Mars away from Earth during Mars Mission ,all this has been possible with the help of information technology.

Information technology is behind the work that we previously thought impossible, but information technology made it possible. Information technology footprints can be seen everywhere from the high-tech industry to the education system. Similarly, information technology is an important aspect of a country's overall development.

IT meaning :-

It is such a technic which is specially designed to store , process and transmit information is known as Information Technology (IT).

It is connected to our everyday life. The best example of IT is the device that you are now using to read this post i.e mobile, computer etc. Hope you understood the meaning of IT

Advantages of IT or Information Technology: -

Friends, if we talk about the features of information technology, there are many things to say. It has proved useful for us many times but it has some disadvantages also, so let us tell you about some features. 

 Key features or benefits of information technology:-

• The development of information technology has made education system simple, easy and comprehensive. Now, people from remote areas can also use technology for their children's education and can also take advantage of adult education

• Promotion of E-governance on a large scale.

• Public participation in government and policymaking.

• Rapid economic growth. 

• Remote areas development

• Technology helps police in catching criminals

• The judiciary and other administrative services can also take help of technology to make the work easier and faster.

• IT is extremely beneficial for the common people, as they can exercise their rights and take legal action against the person who violates their rights.

• This not only enhances the happiness and prosperity of an individual, but society as a whole.

• In addition, there are many other benefits that can only be taken advantage of in our everyday lives with the development of information technology.

Disadvantages of IT or Information Technology:-

 Information technology is like a boon for our society. However, information technology is mostly used to make our everyday life easier ,but has also some negative effect. So let's know the disadvantages of information technology -

•There are possibilities that children may misuse technology and take the wrong path.

•As discussed above, with the help of technology that police can arrest criminals and criminal activities. At the same time, technology has opened the door for criminals to practice smart criminal activity as well.

•The distorted minds of some people use technology to discredit someone as immoral and illegal. They are not inherently demerit, but are abusing technology

Information Technology Act 2000:-

Realizing the growing demand and applications of information technology, the Government of India passed the Information Technology Bill in 2000. So let us know what is told to us in this act which protects information technology and keeps an eye on everything in information technology, then let us know what was the features of this act-

Key Features of Information Technology Act 2000:-

•It facilitates E-governance and E-commerce by providing equal legal remedies to the users.

•It has made a provision to accept electronic records and digital signatures.

•It has given legal approval to electronic business transactions.

•The Act directs banks to maintain electronic records and facilitate electronic fund transfer.

•It also establishes Cyber ​​Law- Appellate Tribunal.

Role of Information Technology in our life:-

Now friends I think information technology has an important role in our life. By an important role, it means that information technology can create and even spoil our future.

If you read the benefits of information technology and the disadvantage of information technology properly then you must have understood how information technology can make our life and how information technology can spoil our life.

As far as I think the way we are getting to see new new technology every day which is making life easier, then we may have many other facilities available in the coming future. But if we talk about the opposite site whare cybercrime is happening in information technology, if it increases there then it will stop our development also it will be the beginning of our destruction.

How to make a career in IT:-

As we are getting something new every day in information technology. So it can be inferred that there are going to be a lot more career options in information technology in the near future

So now we will know what you have to do to get a job into information technology. For your information, i want to say that there are many fields in information technology too. You can choose any one field and do a course related to it.

Dear readers there are many courses available to go in information technology, some of which are degree courses, some courses are diploma courses and some courses are certificate courses. So let us discuss all these-

Degree Courses in Information Technology:-

Students if you want to do a degree course in the field of information technology, then below you are given a list of the best degree courses of duration is 3 or 4 years that you can do and make a career in information technology.

1. B.Tech

2. Doctor of IT

3. Bachelor of Computer Engineering

4. BE Information Technology

5. Bachelor of Computing

6. Master of Science in Information Technology

Diploma Courses in Information Technology:-

Again f you want to do Diploma Course in the field of Information Technology, then below is a list of the best Diploma Courses of duration 3 or 4 years that you can do and make your career in Information Technology.

1. Diploma in Automobile Engineering

2. Diploma Information in Technology

3. Diploma in Automobile Engineering

4. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

5. Diploma in Computer Science Polytechnic

6. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Certificate Courses in Information Technology:-

Students if you want to do Certificate Courses in the field of Information Technology, then below you are given a list of the best Certificate Courses of duration 1 or 2 years that you can do and make your career in Information Technology-

1. IT management

2. System administration.

3. Network engineering.

4. Network administration.

5. Project management.

6. Software development.

7. Security engineering.


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