What is a firewall in computer network? & its types.

What is a firewall in a computer network? & its types.

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What is Firewall?

what is a firewall in computer network

If you use a computer, you must have heard the term Firewall many times.  We try to understand the firewall with the help of an easy example.

You must all know about the PPE kit, the same kit that doctors and healthcare workers are wearing during the Corona period.  Nowadays, when looking at covid-19 patients or while taking care, it is a suit that covers the entire body of doctors.

Due to which the virus of the patient's body does not reach the doctors' body and thus they are protected from this virus.  It is a type of safety shield. Similarly, firewall technology is used to protect computers and systems from viruses, hackers, and other harmful software, sites, applications.

We can say that a firewall is a PPE kit of a computer.  Which protects it from harmful elements.  That is, a Firewall is a security system that is present in both software and hardware and after activating, it checks the data coming into the computer through the internet. And it prevents incoming harmful data or information from entering the computer and provides security to the computer system.

Type of Firewall:

Let me tell you for your information, there are two types of firewalls, which are Hardware firewall and Software firewall.  Let us explain to you about them -

•Hardware firewall.
•Software Firewall.

•Hardware firewall :

Routers and Modems currently used have inbuilt firewall hardware.  Which prevent interconnected computers from sharing harmful data with each other.

When various computers are connected to the same network through a modem or router and the firewall system is activated, then the firewall system starts working in all those computers and all those computers are protected from malware and harmful data.

•Software Firewall :

Nowadays, many types of firewall softwares are already enabled in Windows operating systems, which are activated by default and keeps the device safe.

Apart from this, many types of Antivirus software such as - Quickheal, Avast, etc. are also present in the device by default which protects the systems and devices from the virus.  They are also known as Software Firewall.

Use of Firewall :

In the present time, we all use the Internet.  It is becoming an integral part of the daily life of all of us.  We do a lot of work using the Internet in our computers and exchange a lot of data and information.

The web is good but it is dangerous also.  Many times using the internet, some unintentional data, files, applications enter our computer system which can delete all our data or collect our personal and secret data and pass it on to the hacker.  So you may have to suffer a great loss.

The virus can destroy the entire system by entering our computer system.  To avoid this danger, we use a Firewall on the computer. It prevents any undesirable data or files from entering our system without our permission and keeps our system safe.

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