What is cloud computing?

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What is Cloud Computing?

The technology used to provide various types of services through the Internet such as some kind of software or storage on the server, we call Cloud Computing.

In another word, we can also say that providing any type of computing service on the demand of the user through the Internet is called Cloud Computing.

If you understand Cloud computing in simple language, then it is such a technology through which the consumer or the user is provided the facility to store data on one of the servers on the Internet, which we call Cloud and the user can save their data by purchasing space on that cloud or server and we can access it whenever we want. To understand it more easily let's look at some of its examples-

Examples of Cloud computing:

Currently, the use of Cloud Computing is very much in vogue. There are many examples of this around us like-


We all know about YouTube, it is the most famous video-sharing platform of today's era. Every day thousands of videos are uploaded in it. Youtube uses cloud computing for all this.

2.Social Media Platforms

There are millions of users on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and a lot of data is also available for all those users. Cloud computing is used by these platforms to save all this data.

3.Online Storage

Nowadays, many companies provide the facility of providing online storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, Pink, Yandex, etc. All these companies also, use cloud computing.


Companies that provide email facilities like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, etc. also use cloud computing.

How Cloud computing works:

Cloud computing is usually based on dual-layer technology. Cloud Computing uses a lot of servers and that have a special type of software that is used.

To manage the servers there is a layer that we call Back End, while the other layer that clients or users use is known as Front End. Similarly, both end, back end and front end together set up the server for cloud computing.

Types of Cloud computing:

Cloud Computing is divided into different parts on two different bases. Based on Deployment and Based on Services.

Based on Deployment:

On the basis of deployment, cloud computing is divided into the following parts -

•Private Cloud Computing.

•Public Cloud Computing.

•Community Cloud Computing.

•Hybrid Cloud Computing.

•Private Cloud Computing – Under this, all the facilities are provided in the private cloud i.e, all services and networks are stored on a private cloud. It is used by a user to secure his private data like -Google Drive

•Public Cloud Computing – It is known from the name itself that this cloud remains available to the public. These are either free or available at very cheap prices like - Amazon Web Services etc.

•Community Cloud Computing – By the name, we can understand that it is a cloud that is available to the people of a single community or group. People other than that group cannot use it. An example is the cloud created by an office, college, etc.

•Hybrid Cloud Computing – Hybrid cloud is a cloud that includes both private and public clouds. Some data inside it is accessible to all, while some data is only for Registered people

On the basis of Services :

Cloud Computing is divided into the following parts based on the services it provides -

•Infrastructure As A Service (IASS) Cloud Computing.
•Platform As A Service (PASS) Cloud Computing.
•Software As a Service (SASS) Cloud Computing.

•Infrastructure As A Service (IASS) –

Under this, the computing power of the cloud, software-network power, storage is controlled by the users. VPS is an example of IASS.

Platform As A Service (PASS) – 

Under this type of service, the user is given only one platform, within which only one facility is available out of storage or computing power. The user does not control it entirely. Examples of this are Gmail and Reddit etc.

•Software As a Service (SASS) – 

Under this type of cloud service, the user is provided with only one software hosted on a remote server, which is possible to use for only one specific task. Examples are Google Docs, Google Gsuite etc.

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Benefits of Cloud computing:

Cloud computing proves to be an extremely beneficial technology. Some of its benefits are as follows -

•Cloud computing is easily available and also available at low cost.

•Through cloud computing, more data storage is available to the user. Under this, the user's data is saved in the cloud and the user can increase the storage according to his wish and need.

•With the help of cloud computing, the user can access the saved data in it from any corner of the world and any device with the help of internet.

•Under cloud computing, processing power is available to the user as desired. The user can buy the processing power according to his wish and need.

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