What is a Hologram? Future of Hologram technology!

What is a Hologram? Future of Hologram technology!

What is a hologram

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you in this post what is hologram technique or we can also summarize it as what is holography? So let's know what is holography?

What is holography?

By the way, if you study on the Internet, you will get such a definition of holography that you will be confused, so I will tell you the simple direct definition of holography. 

So in my simple words, Holography is a visual illusion, in which we record any object with the help of a display device and later on anytime we put that object in front of us and can see in 3 dimensions. That is, you will feel that the object (maybe a man) is in front of you and you can see it from all sides, you can easily cross it but you cannot touch it. Because I said in the beginning that it is just a visual illusion. So it is visible only to our eyes but is not actually in front of us. You can understand the hologram more clearly by looking at this image.

What is a hologram

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Discovery of hologram technology:-

Holography was invented by British-Hungarian physicist Danis Gabor in 1947. And this technology gradually developed and in 1960 it was used by companies to identify the veracity of their product. And even today, you may have noticed that a hologram is placed on any product, book, or certificate which shows about the product. That is whether it is original or duplicate but this hologram technique is limited to just that for now.

But the technology development of holograms that I was talking about above has not been developed yet, but in the future with this technology science will also develop quickly and it is possible.

Is hologram technology possible ??

Yes, hologram technology is quite possible because it is just a visual illusion and whatever we see we are able to see with the help of light, without light it seems absolutely dark. And there are small particles in the light which reflect here and there.

“You must have seen that in a dark room when you focus the torch directly on the wall but where you are standing, the light becomes light behind you because the particles of light reflect from the wall and go there and light up there too. ”

In the same way, we can record an object through light and then later play it in 3d. And all this will be a game of laser light, by which you will feel that this thing is really in front of you.

If hologram technology becomes more advanced, we can also call with individuals in a hologram, and even though we are in another city, we can still talk to someone from another city as if we are face to face with each other. But now we have to see how long science can make this dream come true.

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