What is Virtual Assistant jobs? How to become a VA?

How to become a virtual assistant?

What is virtual assistant jobs

Are you frustrated to go every day to the office? Do you want to work as an office administrator? If you have experience as an administrator, you may be ready to leave the shackles of your office job and move to your home office. 

 Employers around the world are looking for a Virtual Assistant during this covid-19 situation. There is complete freedom to work from home as a Virtual Assistant (VA). Virtual assistant jobs are being searched very fast on the internet.

Now we are in the digital era and almost everything has been transferred to the Internet. Most of the work is done on an as-needed basis through freelance sites that connect you to employers who need your help. 

If you want, you can do all the work by sitting in your living room. It is one of the legal ways of making money online. Virtual Assistants are required to perform a wide variety of tasks, from updating information in an Excel spreadsheet to answering e-mails.

Typically, these jobs are available on the Freelance work website. You have to select what kind of work you want to do and how much you are going to charge for it. You do not work only for an Employer. 

When you make your registration on these freelance sites, the client or employer selects you based on your job bid and work experience. Usually, once you do a good job for someone on one of these freelance sites, they like your work then they will contact you & give you more work to do again.

How can I become a Virtual Assistant?

These days Virtual Assistant Jobs are one of the most fashionable jobs in online jobs. A virtual assistant (VA) works similarly to an executive assistant or a secretary — His works include Administrative and 

Secretarial which relieves officers and higher officials from the burden of their work load. So it is important that for a Virtual Assistant (VA) jobs, it is good if you have experience of these jobs.

Since it is online work done through a computer, skills in running a computer and using Internet programs are essential. 

Virtual assistant responsibilities include recording, making, and answering phone calls, preparing documents and letters for vendors, customers, and fellow employees, and of course, reporting to their employer via email and chat.

Becoming a virtual assistant is not as easy as most people expect. Since the employer and the assistants do not see each other personally, communication is very important. 

A Virtual Assistant should always be ready to answer any call or question of the employer. Internet and phone connections must be very reliable at all times. In the event of technical failures, there should also be an alternative arrangement.

In any profession, there is always a need to study & learn as new technologies and features available on the Internet are introduced from time to time. While virtual assistant jobs are mostly part-time and contractual, so keeping up with your time and technology will help keep you on the job.

If you are a computer lover and a multitasker, then becoming a virtual assistant (VA) may be best for you.

Job Responsibility of VA:-

What is virtual assistant jobs

As a VA, you must handle telephone calls, arrange meetings and appointments, manage someone's diary, arrange travel, record in and out payments, take key business measures using spreadsheets and contact management systems. keep track of and handle assigned tasks.

A tip is to define the types of tasks you will be responsible for and learn some basics about the business so that you can communicate professionally and knowledgeably with your customers. 

You need to be able to prioritize your tasks and manage your workload so that tasks are completed on time and in a professional manner so that you have time to deliver high-quality work at all times. 

You are also responsible for other common administrative tasks. As new tasks and projects are assigned you need to be flexible and adaptable. Actually, a good virtual assistant is essential for any business.

Companies outsource their tasks to virtual assistants so that they can be free from basic admin issues.

How to get a Virtual Assistant job?

To get a Virtual Assistant job, you have to have good experience and skills in office work. You have to be proficient in using the internet for research and also have to proficient in Microsoft & online data storage systems like Dropbox, Google Drive. 

You will also need to be proficient in answering or writing emails and have a good enough understanding of English to write professional emails and draft letters, memos, and other documents.

There can be no continuous supervision with any home-based jobs. You must be self-motivated and able to complete your tasks efficiently and on time.

Make sure that you have the ability to handle more work before taking work from new customers, because if you are not able to complete more work on time then your feedback will be poor which may affect your future work.

What are the online platforms for Virtual Assistant Jobs?

There are many websites where you can get your registration done to get a virtual assistant job. Some of them are-





Click on the link to go to the website and for more information.

What tools are required for Virtual Assistant Jobs?

If you want to work as a VA, there are a few basic things that are required such as a desktop or laptop, email and contact management software, a printer and scanner, high-speed comprehensive Internet connection, and a dedicated telephone line. 

And finally, a quiet place to work so that you can complete your tasks efficiently. Ideally, you should have a home office, it can also be from a chair and table in the corner.

What does the employer or client expect from a VA?

What is virtual assistant jobs

Your client expects you to complete tasks on time, professionally, and without missing anything. Make sure that what you are being asked and what the required outcome is for the client when they are assigning the work to you. 

If you are not sure, it is better to ask and understand before starting the work rather than to give a cheap or wrong job.  

You will be responsible for your customer and you have to complete all your tasks on time and be ready and able to report regularly to your customer on your progress.

Conclusion :

If you want to do some work from your home at the time of this corona pandemic ( covid-19) , then Virtual Assistant Jobs can be a better option. If you work well with one client, then its feedback can get you more work from other clients. There are many online platforms on which VA vacancy keeps coming in. Register immediately.

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