What is Internet of Things (IoT)

What is internet of things iot

Friends, are you searching for what is IoT and how does it work? Internet of Things is a very advanced level technology in the modern era & it is being used in our daily life every day.

If I tell you that you can control TV, AC, door or many other things in the house only with your phone then you probably will not believe.

But IoT technology has been developed. Which will push you into automatic mode and make your life easier. So let's know what is IoT?

What is IoT?

We can say that the Internet of Things is a group of things that are connected through the Internet. These objects or things share data through the Internet. Other tools such as wireless sensors, software, computer devices are included under the Internet of Things.

The present era is the era of technology. Every day we are using technology in our lives. It seems quite difficult to imagine a life without technology. In our day-to-day life, we all use devices like Smart Phones, TV which are also come under the Internet of things.

You must have seen that a lot of things have been automated with the help of sensors at the present time. Which has made our life more comfortable. On entering the mall, you must have noticed that the doors open or close on their own.

Nowadays AC also automatically turns on or off with the help of sensors. Similarly, lights are also coming with the technique of automatically turning on or off. It all looks like magic or miracle but in reality, it is amazing technology and this miraculous technology is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

In this technology, all these devices are connected with the help of Internet sensors, which results in such miraculous results.

IoT is gradually taking an important place in our daily life. Their use is gradually increasing. Today, we see this technology being used in all our mobiles, TVs, cars, doorbells, lights, etc.

The use of the internet of things is not limited only here, they are being used in different fields over time. Today this technique is being used in many fields like medicine, teaching, agriculture, etc.

IOT Ful form:-

Friends, the full form of IoT is the Internet of Things. That is, the Internet of Things is a technology through which different devices can be connected through the Internet and share commands or data through the Internet.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) works:-

Internet of things is made advanced using modern technology. Knowledge of computers and the internet is required for its use. Through this technology, anyone can connect their home devices with the help of the internet, so that you can control all those devices from anywhere. Whether you are at home or far away from these devices.

To use it, devices are connected via WiFi or Bluetooth, so that the data or instructions are exchanged between them through wireless technology. the technique can also be automated using techniques such as computer programming, where the sensors control these devices themselves.

Thus with this technique, you can control your devices from anywhere. For example, suppose you forget to leave your room AC off while going out of your house. Later you remember that you forgot to turn off the AC. There is nothing to worry if your AC is based on Internet of Things technology, then you will be able to easily turn off the AC of your room from anywhere.

fields where the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used:

In this modern era, technology is being used in almost all fields. Similarly, Internet of Things is also being used in different fields.

 •Use of IoT in homes.

 •Use of IoT in Accessories.

 •Use of IoT in Industrial internet.

 •Use of IoT in Agriculture.

 •Use of IoT in Vehicles.   

 •Use of IoT in Hospitals. 

Use of IoT in homes:

Nowadays smart homes are being built with the help of IoT systems. Using this technology, the doors of the house, lights, AC, etc. can be controlled with the help of sensors automatically or your smartphones, etc.

Use of IoT in Accessories:

You must have heard or read about smartwatches, smart clothes, smart shoes, etc. on TV, mobile, internet. Actually, IoT technology is also used in all these devices. These devices are equipped with sensors, with the help of which you can connect them to your mobile too.

Use of IoT in Industrial internet:

Internet of Things is also used in different industries. Machines, software, sensors, devices, etc. are built using this technology.

Use of IoT in Agriculture:

This technique is also used in different forms in the agricultural sector. Many important tasks are done by using them, such as estimating the weather, knowledge of soil quality, record keeping of availability of food items.

Use of IoT in Vehicles:

You must have seen that the doors of many cars open or close automatically or automatic parking is available in them, all this is also possible through IoT. This IoT technology is being used in almost every field.

Use of IoT in Hospitals:

At present, IoT technology is also being used in hospitals. Through this technique, records of patients' reports and symptoms are kept in hospitals along with various data. Thus using this technology provides many facilities


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