What is computer engineering? & Its benefits !

What is computer engineering ? & its benefits !

Hello friends, do you want to know what is computer engineering, then this post can be of great benefit to you. In this post I will introduce you to the information related to computer engineering.

In this era of internet and technology, computer is being used in almost every field and many students are also interested in this field. So many students also want to know about computer related courses. Today we will learn about the most popular category in the field of engineering i.e "computer engineering".

What is computer science engineering

What is computer engineering?:-

The Study about computer hardware and software is called computer engineering. The hardware is the parts of computer which you can see and touch. If I explain as an example then all these things like CPU, mouse, keyboard are called hardware. And the study about all these things is under computer engineering. It is also called hardware engineering.

And if I talk about the other end which is software, then you cannot see and touch the software. All types of systems, applications, etc. available in computer and mobile are also covered under software.

 A variety of programming languages ​​that you will have to learn under this. Mobile application is the best example of this. How to design any application, how to modify it is all available to learn under computer engineering.

If I explain the definition of computer engineering in simple terms then it would be something like this - the study of computer hardware and computer software is called computer engineering.

Computer engineering began in the 40s. But computer engineering gained popularity in the 70s when semiconductors and transistors were invented.This was the time when computers became more popular and after that the trend in this field is constantly increasing everyday.

How to become a computer engineer:-

Interested person in computer engineering can not be deprived of this question, it is very important to know that how to become a computer engineer. So friends, let me tell you in easy terms, if you want to become a computer engineer then you have two options.

The first option is that if you want to become a computer engineer soon. Then after the tenth you can take a diploma immediately. Diploma in computer engineering course is about 3 years long and after doing this you will become a computer engineer.

Another option is that after doing 12th from science stream you can do a 4-year degree course in computer engineering . And after completing the course you can apply for Master's degree further and you can also do PhD.

Benefits of computer engineer:-

As far as I believe computer engineering is very useful for girls because it does not have to do much hard work, it means that you only have to work by sitting a in front of your computer and not like civil and mechanical engineers because they have to work all day by moving around here & there.

In the modern era, the need for computer engineering is almost everywhere, so it has a very good job profile and it will be easy to get jobs.

Now a days, the college of computer engineering is available almost everywhere, so you can get a better learning in the field of computer engineering.

The best advantage of this is that there is a lot of demand for computer engineers abroad. In developed countries like America, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. Very large no. of computers are used. For which many job profiles of computer engineers are available.

 A lot of government jobs are also available in the computer engineering field. I believe that in the Corona era, work from home is the only computer sector, so this may be a good option for the time to come.


I hope you have got information about what is computer science engineering. If you have any doubt with this information, then you can feel free to ask your question in the comment box below.