What is AI? Who is the father of Artificial intelligence?


Who is the father of Artificial Intelligence

What is AI? Who is the father of Artificial intelligence?

With the development of online business ideas and computers, the name of artificial intelligence is constantly being heard, so we have done a little investigation into this topic and we found that we should tell people about artificial intelligence.  The closest example of AI is your smartphone.  Which has a screen lock which opens as soon as mobile screen ( camera)  sees your face !

So let's know everything about artificial Intelligence including "who is the father of Artificial Intelligence ?"

What is Artificial Intelligence? Or its definition:-

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a discipline of computer science that focuses on the development of intelligent machines that think and function like humans. Amazon Alexa is an example of Artificial intelligence which have Speech Recognition, Problem Solving, Learning and Planning, etc capabilities. Everything is governed by Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is a very popular topic that is widely discussed in the field of technology, online business and business activities.  Many experts and industry analysts argue that AI (Artificial Intelligence- is also called AI in shortcuts) or machine learning is the future, but if we look around us we are convinced that it is not the future, it is the present.

Artificial Intelligence History:

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with research and design and study of intelligent machines.  The term "Artificial Intelligence" was first introduced by John McCarthy at a  conference in Dartmouth in the year of 1956  and defined it as the science of making intelligent machines.Do you know who is the father of Artificial intelligence? Well John mcCarthy is called the Father of Artificial Intelligence!

John McCarthy was an American computer scientist and cognitive scientist who lived from 1927 to 2011. McCarthy was one of the pioneers of the Artificial Intelligence field. According to John McCarthy Artificial Intelligence is "The science and engineering of making intelligent machines"

What is AI? Who is the father of Artificial Intelligence
John McCarthy (Image Source Google)

Work on the concept of artificial intelligence began in the 1940s with the development of electronic computers and parallely the possibility of building intelligent machines like intelligent humans has started. Hence the construction of intelligent machines moved forward and developed with  time.

A rapid and spectacular development has been recorded in the field of Artificial Intelligence since 1956. Researchers began to achieve success in the production of intelligent machines which can think like intelligent humans.

Our all gadgets like Smartphone, Play station game, Bank, Car, Calculator and our Home etc. all uses daily Artificial Brain.  Many times it is clear that when you ask Google, you get the information of the nearest gas station.  Sometimes this is less obvious, such as when you make unusual purchases on your credit card and do not receive a fraud alert from your bank?.  AI is everywhere, and it is making a huge difference in our  every day lives.

What is the use and purpose of AI?

When AI researchers first started aiming for the goal of Artificial Intelligence, one of the main interests was Human Reasoning.  This  nature of human is also the reason for such progress of the world.

Basically AI is used to interpret and understand an image - such as industrial, military, satellite photo interpretation, etc.

What is the goal of AI?

The main goal of Artificial Intelligence is to use technology to make human life easier and safer.  Today, we have gone a long way in the field of medical and security with the use of AI. Apart from this, better results can be achieved by using Artificial Intelligence in almost every field  like studies, in jobs, in sports etc.

What are the types of AI?

There are four types of artificial intelligence which are as follows

1. Reactive machines

2. Limited memory

3. Theory of mind

4. Self-awareness

Fields of Artificial Intelligence:-

1. Web applications and Software

2. Handwriting recognition

3.  Speech recognition

4. Face recognition

5. Artificial creativity

6. Strategic planning

How important is AI in  our daily life ?

AI are machines that are designed and programmed so that they think and act like humans.  Artificial intelligence becomes an important part of our daily lives.  Our lives are changed by AI as this technology is used in a wide range of day-to-day services.  Google has also started services related to Artificial intelligence in other regional languages ​​and Hindi.

For most of us, the experience of AI is primarily about using things like gadgets and smart speakers or unlocking your phone with your face.  But Artificial Intelligence is ready to reach other areas of life as well.  One of them is Healthcare.  Many hospitals in India are testing software that examines the image of a person's retina for symptoms of diabetic retinopathy and can  detect the possibility of the disease, a condition that is often detected too late to prevent vision loss.  Artificial intelligence is already present in a lot of applications, we use  use AI in search algorithms and in tools that we use in every day life as bionic organs for the handicapped.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence :-

Artificial intelligence has been considered the most misunderstood subject in technology.  Many controversies are also associated with this.  But still artificial intelligence can help to improve human life and reduce stress.  The following are some of the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Fraud Detection:-

The use of Artificial Intelligence can be a very important step in curbing online Fraud or Cyber ​​Crime. In the case of   Fraud Artificial intelligence can be deployed in fraud detection by data analysis .  link and possible direction can be detected by the system, most likely to control fraud through artificial intelligence, which includes data analysis of previous records deployed in the cognitive system to track,  and here  It also includes being fully aware of possible fraudulent action before they occur.

Data Analysis:-

Decision making has an important role for every company, organization and even the government.  A single error can affect a very large decision.  Hundreds of millions of data are possible , which must be analyzed to ensure that every aspect is looked at before making a decision.  Data analysis helps in extracting, analyzing and applying raw information to aid decision making.

Automated System:

Since the development of industrial development, the improvement of technology has always recognized and worked on automated systems to improve functions.The introduction of artificial intelligence in hotel bookings, tractors and factory machines for robots to do their job, all becoming increasingly automated & has many advantages in the form of reducing waste, reducing errors, and improving production.

Business and Marketing:

Data is the most important fuel for a digital economy transformation.  Artificial intelligence can be used in marketing and in business growth to formulate the right strategy, identify the customer, deliver the right advertisement to the right person.

Artificial Intelligence Course:

If you want to make your career in Artificial Intelligence, then I have made a list of institutions offering Artificial Intelligence Course in Hindi.  Some of them provide free online training and some provides  full time paid course

Fee Online Artificial Intelligence Courses:

1. Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur

2. California Institute Of Technology,USA

3. Stanford University, USA

4.  Google AI Education Free Online Course

5.  Nvidia – Deep Learning and AI

6. Columbia University Machine Learning

Indian University AI Course:

1. Manipal University

2. University Of Hydrabad

3. Amity University

4.Chandigarh University

5. Sharda University

6. Galgotia University

7 . Lovely Professional  University

8. Vellore Institute of Technology


Artificial Intelligence is an extremely challenging and vast field of knowledge that raises many questions and generates many controversies.

An intelligent machine should have many features and must conform to certain standards.  For example, the human is able to solve the problem faster using primarily intuitive decisions rather than conscious decisions.

Another aspect that researchers have heavily analyzed is knowledge representation which refers to the knowledge about the world that in order of intelligent machines, objects or categories of objects, properties of objects, relationships between objects, such as causes and effects,  Must be to solve problems as those in the midst of circumstances, situations, etc.

Sometimes it seems like every other website, app, or tool is referring to AI as one of the key attributes in its feature for success.  If you don't know much about AI, the lack of explanation can be misleading.  Today, the field of Artificial Intelligence is more vibrant than ever and some believe that we are on the threshold of discoveries that can change human society irreversibly, for much better or much worse.

The purpose of writing in Artificial Intelligence was that you should recognize its usefulness and its importance in times to come.  Nowadays it is also a great career option among the youth, it includes both money and freedom of work.

We hope this article might have provided you with some fresh information. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the box below.