What is search engines? How do search engines works?

Hello guys, do you know what is Search Engine and how does Search Engine works? Well today I am going to give you more information about the internet in this article. Internet is nothing without information.

Whenever a question comes to your mind. Like the old times you do not ask the people around you or your teachers. Instead in this modern era most of you take out your mobile directly and search whatever is on your mind by writing it on the search engine and you get the answer within a few seconds. So what is Search Engine?

If you are a student then you must have noticed that whenever any question is argued among your friends, up to 80% search is done on search engine i.e. if you have knowledge of something If you do not have any kind of information, then you search on the search engine and get that information.

But if we talk about 1990, there was no such system that you can search any type of information on the Internet and get information about it because at that time the Internet was not so popular.

Thousands of questions come to the mind of the people in a day and everyone says that they should be found on the Internet. Today's younger generation says- "Hey brother, without internet, it is very difficult to live only one day" Now how much is this right ot wrong , tell in the comment box.

Today in this article, we will know about search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. or will know how do search engines works?

how do search engines work

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a type of program that searches queries searched by users from unlimited databases of the Internet. These queries are called Keywords in the Internet language and search engines display pages related to the keywords to the users.

Whatever search is done on the Internet, the search engine works to show the search result accurately. Some name search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Let me explain to you very well with an example. If a question comes to your mind, you immediately start searching in Google. Say your question is "What is a search engine" then the search engine searches this question on all the websites on the Internet. The names of the websites where these queries match will appear on the first page of the search result. After that, you can read the answer to "What is a search engine" by clicking on one of the links.

How do search engines works?

It has already been said that whatever questions, text, words have been written in the search engine search of your browser. They are called keywords. If you type "what is a search engine" in google, then this is the keyword. This keyword is available on the WWW website.

When this keyword matches the title or content of a website and matches with the tag. Then the search engine shows it in the search result. Let us understand a little technically. The search engine works in three stages. First Crawling, indexing, ranking. Let's know about these three in detail.

What is Crawling?

Crawling Means to search and understand well how to get all the data of a website or get complete information about websites. In this process, scanning the website, what is the title of the page, information of keywords, how many keywords are in the content, image, and pages with the website are crawled into Google's database. Along with this, how is the page layout, where is the advertisement, where are the links given, it is also stored.

How does the search engine crawl website?  

So Crawling is a self-propelled bot that searches every new and old page. Which is called Discovery. According to Google, 100 to 1000 pages are viewed in 1 second. When Google Bot / Spider finds a new page. Then it is sent for back-end processing (page title, meta tag, keywords, backlink, image).

The same process is repeated whenever a new page is found. Crawling + back-end processing + indexing and next page indexing occurs. Without this Google can never see the right search result. But there are some websites which you can search through TOR Browser Network.

What is Indexing?

Do not put too much pressure on your mind, indexing is very easy to understand. Indexing is a process where all data found during Crawl is to be stored in the database. For example, you've got plenty of books.

You are reading the name of the author of those books, the name of the books, every page of the books, but sequencing all these details is indexing. Now let's get to the point that the search engine does not crawl just one website. Rather Crawl and indexes all the websites of the world.

According to the Google Search Conference, Google Spider Crawl about 3 trillion pages every day. This means that Google has a library of all the information in the world. Google Search Engine is a huge server of data where thousands of millions of data are stored which are petabyte drives.

What is Ranking?

This is the last step of Search Engine. But this last step is very complicated. Because when you search for something in google, the first job of Search Engine is to get the exact information which you are looking for.

People believe in Search Engines only when they find user-related content. Google uses some algorithms for this. The algorithm works according to some parameters. Some of which are Content Age, Content Keywords, Content Page Title.

Google has 230 factors for page ranking. Through which it can be found out where the search results should appear when searching on Google's location. The ranking algorithm is very easy to understand. Because of which 1 billion web page search is done by google every day and the result is shown on the first page. By the way, all hackers are putting their minds to hack ranking factors.

The ranking was first estimated by how many times a keyword has been used in a post and how many backlinks the site would have easily ranked.

Google ranking factors have changed a lot over the years now. Every year Google is changing its algorithm. Because Google allows sites that are really paying attention. This is how the search engine works in these three stages.

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By the way, my opinion is that Google is the best search engine. Right now the latest technology such as image search, voice search, speech, Google Assistant, all the technology of Google. With this, Google's search algorithms are getting better every year.

We hope you understood the complete information about" what is Search Engine" and how do search engines works? If you liked this article then share it on your social media so that everybody can know about search engines. Leave your comments and suggestions in the comment box below.