What is 5G? How does it works? & its advantages!

What is 5G? How does it work? & its advantages!

5g in india

Hello friends, do you want to know what is 5G, today I will give you information about the 5th generation of the internet i.e. 5G technology.

Friends, most of us have been using 4G till now and have been waiting for 5G for a long time but now the time has come because 5G has started connecting through communication channels in India.

5G is an innovative revolutionary technology in the field of communication. This technology is ready to play a role in the field of communication in place of 4G. This technique, which started from the south, is now being started in India as well. So let's know what is 5G?

What is 5G Technology :

5G technology is the fifth generation of the Internet and it is considered to be the fastest and secure means of data transfer after 4G. Its speed will be more than about 1GBps which is about 10 times more than normal wireless mobile phones.

The 5G is much stronger than its previous generation due to faster speed data transfer and lower latency. Network latency is the time taken to transmit a group of data from the sender to the receiver.

With 5G, there will be a lot of progress in the social, economic, space, defense, etc. field of India and it will also play an important role in the development of the nation.

Friends, there are some challenges in the way of 5G technology, but this technology cannot be dismissed due to challenges because today is the era of technology and without it, it is not possible to imagine development. 5G has the following features

Features of 5G

•5G technology provides high-quality services based on impeccable policy.

•Fast solutions are possible with remote management via 5G.

•The speed of 5G is 20 times faster than the maximum speed of 4G.

•In 5G, the network latency will be up to 1 millisecond. ( The lower the latency, the faster the data transfer speed is.)

•5G technology is a high-resolution capability, high bandwidth basis technology.

How does 5G works?

5g in india

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After knowing what is 5G? A question definitely comes to your mind that how does 5G work? So let me tell you for your information, 5G network will not require any type of tower for transmission but instead, the signals will be transmitted through small cell stations in rooftops or electric poles.

Small cells are significantly more important for the millimeter-wave spectrum. Unlicensed spectrum will be used to run this technology smoothly.

It is a spectrum that everyone is free to receive and does not require expensive licenses and special permission of the recipient.

But this does not mean that being unlicensed also frees us from all the standards and instructions of the experiment. In fact, it is mandatory to follow the standards set for its use as well.

Various modern technologies like MIMO, TDD, etc. will be used under 5G technology. MIMO (Multiple-input Multiple Output) technologies will provide a faster-downloading capacity of around 950 Mbps.

Advantages of 5G technology:

If 5G technology is practiced successfully in India, it will revolutionize Indian telecom.

•With the advent of 5G technology, the economic, social, strategic, etc. field will get momentum and the development of the country will be more strong.

•India had delayed the introduction of 2G, 3G, and 4G, but this time India does not want to make this mistake again. So the government has ensured the goal of implementing 5G technology in the country by the end of the year 2021.

•There is a possibility of revolutionary change in the field of information, security, education, health, transportation, etc. in India through 5G technology. Through this, there will be more emphasis in the field like Tally Education, Tele Medicine, etc. with which more facilities of education, health, etc. can be provided in India.

•A committee related to 5G technology has been formed in India, which has asked the initial allocation of 5G spectrum in its recommendation to increase the amount of achievement spectrum and to reduce the value of the spectrum and organized the National 5G program and the specific 5G applications of India

•With help of 5G technology i.e is the fifth generation of the Internet, the gross domestic product of India can be increased & also digitization of the employment economy can be done.

•5G technology in India can make the BharatNet project of the Government of India a success. Under this, there is a goal of providing a broadband facility of about 2 Mbps to 20 Mbps in all households.

•The digital economy will be encouraged by 5G technology in India. Which can help India build a 10 trillion dollar economy by 2026.

Challenges facing 5G in India:

5g in india
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The 5G connection is much more expensive than the network currently available. 5G invests more than $ 2000 billion annually by investors. Being expensive, it is not available to everyone.

According to information and communication technology experts, there is a lack of suitable infrastructure for 5G in India. Developing the 5G technology is a challenge in itself.

Other spectrum operators Swaraj have decreased after Reliance Jio stepped into the Indian communications sector in the year 2016 in India.

There are also health challenges in the context of 5G technology. This is the reason why scientists have demanded the government to investigate its side effects before auctioning spectrum for 5G technology-based services.

The radiation emanating from 5G technology will not harm the entire living a world with humans and animals, but this can never be denied that this radiation will adversely affect our health.

According to research, only 55% of people in India currently use the internet, so due to the less number of internet users 5G will not be able to develop much, this is also a challenge in India.


Friends, we hope you have understood well that what is 5G technology and how 5G works and the benefits of 5G. If you have any query regarding this information, then you can ask in the comment box, we will try our best to answer you.