How to study effectively to score maximum mark?

How to study effectively to score maximum marks?

Want to study more effectively? Off course, every students want to study effectively and score highest mark in their exam.Most students fail to study effectively and, as a result, receive lower grades than others who study effectively.Whether you are studying for your Bachelor degree, an MBA or simply to expand your knowledge base, the following tips will help you study more effectively.

Tip1: Organized workspace = organized mind:-

Create the optimal study environment by gathering all of the necessary books and study materials. This time of preparation also helps to prepare the brain for studying. Remove any distractions as well. You can listen to melodic music with no words at a low volume to drown out other distracting noises. Also, avoid using any electronic gadgets such as a phone or a laptop.

Tip2: Make short notes on every topic:-

Short study sessions help to remember information. Make brief notes on every topic and take 30 minutes every day to study these topics.create a study program and follow the program.

Tip3: Sleep well and exercise:-

 Sufficient and good sleep is very important to study effectively. sleep at least 6-7 hours. it will help to fresh your mind & with a fresh mind one can can quickly memorize. physical health is also important for a learner so exercise daily.

Tip4:Eliminate all the exam related stress or fear and be motivated:-

Due to fear and stress students can not focus on their studies properly so try to convert all the fear and pressure into excitement and positive thinking. Eliminating nervousness and stress. This will also help you to focus on your studies. You can watch motivational videos, these are easily available in YouTube. Motivational videos will help you to think positive.

Tip5: Analyze the syllabus and previous years question papers:-

It is very important for a student to analyze syllabus and question paper to score maximum marks. Collect at least 5 years of previous question papers and try to solve them. It will also help you understand the concepts. By using this tip, you will be able to know which topic you should read or which topic you can skip.

Tip6: Don't miss your class:-

 Toppers never miss a class. They never miss the beginning or end of class, as important announcements are often made about exams and projects. If you find that you lose concentration during a lecture, record them on your phone.
Tip7: Keep calm and never study new subjects in the last days of exam:-

last few days are very important to revised your old topics so that you can easily remember them in your exam. Don't read any new topic in these days because you will not get enough time to revised the new topics and without revision all hardwork is worthless.

Tip8: Ask your teachers if you have any study related doubt.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have some other tips that helped you to study effectively then you can suggest us in the comment box below. Also give your valuable feedback, Thank you !